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My RecipeLuv

1 year ago

I love recipes (obvious, I know). But what I love more than recipes is the memories they create. In this uncertain time, all of us are searching for familiar things that can offer comfort when everything else is unpredictable. Recipes do just that, by reminding us of the people and places we love.

When you create your RecipeLuv account, you include three recipes that are important to you. Your RecipeLuv. It only made sense to start this blog the same way. Here is my RecipeLuv story.


For my family, pierogies are both the delight and the nightmare of the Christmas holiday. We make them, from scratch, every year. They are delicious. But, the dough can be fickle and often requires plenty of elbow grease. Everyone takes turns wrestling the elastic dough until all of the pierogies are crimped and ready to be enjoyed.  Most are cheese and potato, but there are always a few sauerkrauts for my Dad (it’s his favorite).

Mussels With

For my husband and I, our date night recipe of choice is mussels with . . . tomatoes or white wine or fennel. The flavor combinations are endless for this versatile seafood!  Mussels may appear intimidating to cook, but learn a few simple techniques and they couldn’t be easier to prepare. It’s a tradition we started early in our relationship, and we’ve never grown tired of steamed mussels, sauce, and plenty of crusty bread ( the sauce is always that good ).


When I first spotted the delicate knots in a Stockholm bakery window, I knew I had to try one. I had never tasted anything like it. The combination of tender pastry and crunchy cardamom seeds was irresistible. When I returned home from my Scandinavian adventure, I had in my suitcase a half dozen kardemummabullar ( only slightly squished ), and several recipes in Swedish. I was determined to bake them. Thanks to an online translation tool and a video of a Swedish grandmother demonstrating pastry knot tying, the first batch was . . . good!

What recipes do you luv? Share your stories by leaving a comment below! 

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