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What to Cook When You Don’t Want to Leave Home

1 year ago

Whether it’s a thunderstorm, a blizzard, or self-quarantine, there are many reasons you might be stuck inside and suffering from cabin fever. How can you keep busy? By cooking a favorite recipe or trying something new! We can’t think of a better cure for boredom than experimenting in the kitchen.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to make recipes that take a long time. On a normal weekday, we stick to recipes that are quick and easy. But right now, we’re enjoying cooking recipes that need more time to develop flavor and texture. Today, I made one of my favorite comfort food recipes, Rotisserie Chicken Soup.

Are you looking for some stay-at-home cooking adventure inspiration? We’re thinking about trying some of the recipes below this week. Why don’t you join us? Or tell us about your favorite stay-at-home recipes and what you’re thinking about as you cook indoors.

Comfort Food Recipes

You've Got Time Recipes

What recipes do you make when you’re staying at home?

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